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Appetizers for Super Bowl

I was about to post a wonderful comfort dish this morning and then realized - wait, all anyone's looking for today is Super Bowl recipes!  Whether you're interested in the game, the commercials, the halftime show or the point spread you'll need some munchies for the festivities. So, here are a few … [Read More...]

Roasted Brussels Sprouts - My new favorite way to prepare Brussels Sprouts! - from acrumptiouslife.com

Roasted Brussels Sprouts

No one is wishy-washy about Brussels Sprouts.  People either love them or hate them. I love them. This is my new favorite way to prepare them.  It's so easy it's hardly a recipe!                   Just toss them in olive … [Read More...]

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Quick Pasta Sauce

I love pasta and sauce.  Over the years I've shared several pasta sauces on a scrumptious life - Marinara Sauce, Puttanesca Sauce and Spaghetti Sauce.  I like to spend a weekend afternoon making them in big batches.  Then freezing them to have them at the ready.    Sometimes, however, I just like to … [Read More...]

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Ginger Steamed Fish

So how many of you have a bamboo steamer?  Maybe in that cabinet over the refrigerator where you keep seldom used kitchen apparatus?  That's where mine was when I "fished" it out for today's recipe. ( Ha - I crack myself up!)  I bought it to steam dumplings, but haven't used it in some time.   Like … [Read More...]

Nutella Hot Chocolate from ascrumptiouslife.com

Nutella Hot Chocolate

Ahhhhh, I love the holidays, but I also like when they're over.  Not that I'm a Grinch, but I love having things back to normal. All the decorations are put away (in fact I bought some daisies, one of my favorite flowers, to freshen up the … [Read More...]

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