Thanksgiving Recipes

Well, life is “life-ing” again.  I’m MIA , this time with a very ill Aunt- with not a kitchen in sight. So, although I’m very excited about Thanksgiving this year -I’m hosting the meal for the first time in decades!- it will not include new dishes I’d intended to try and share with you in advance.  But, hey, there’s nothing wrong with tried and true recipes, especially on Thanksgiving,which is full of traditions anyway. I’ve ordered a fresh turkey, all my friends are bringing a dish’ll all work out.  The most important thing is sharing a meal with people you love.

So here are some  tried and true  recipes, perfect for Thanksgiving.

cold pumpkin pie







Cranberry Apricot Relish

Sweet Potato Galette / Brussels Sprouts

Carrot Soup

Mini Potatoes Anna

Sweet Potato Chip

Pumpkin pie






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