Thanksgiving 101 Recap

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Thanks so much for reading my Thanksgiving 101 Series.  I hope you’ve found some good ideas for making the big day easier. So,  we’ve discussed the Turkey, the Gravy,  the Mashed Potatoes and the Dressing – so the basics are set.  We’ve also discussed some logistics for making the day/week go smoothly.  Today I’ve got lots […]

Thanksgiving 101 – Logistics

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So far in this Thanksgiving 101 series we’ve covered the turkey, gravy, dressing and mashed potatoes – all the basics.  Next time I’ll be posting other recipes to round out the menu.  Today , however, I wanted to talk logistics – LOGISTICS !?! , you say — ugh!!  But let me tell you, a little […]

Cornbread Dressing with Bacon and Pecans

Cornbread bacon and pecan dressing

Thanksgiving 101 continues with the dressing – Cornbread dressing – I do believe I’ve found winner! Based on a recipe from Frank Stitt, (with a tasty shortcut), this recipe features the smokiness of the bacon and the nuttiness of the pecans…. scrumptious!

Accidental Turkey

Thanksgiving Turkey from

Welcome to Thanksgiving 101! Today the turkey – I was a little nervous about cooking the Thanksgiving turkey (it had been decades!), so I went straight to Ina… her Accidental Turkey comes with a cute story and produces a wonderfully moist turkey.

Thanksgiving Recipes

Pumpkin Pie from

Well, life is “life-ing” again.  I’m MIA , this time with a very ill Aunt- with not a kitchen in sight. So, although I’m very excited about Thanksgiving this year -I’m hosting the meal for the first time in decades!- it will not include new dishes I’d intended to try and share with you in advance. […]

Sweet Potato Chips

Sweet Potato Chips from

A healthy nibble for Thanksgiving – sweet potato chips.AND a great seasoning that also makes a nice food gift.

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