Mactweets February 2011 – Roses and Sarah Bernhardts

This month’s Mac Attack challenge from MacTweets was all about Valentines – and nothing says Valentines like Chocolate and Roses.

When my late husband and I were dating, my mother came to visit me around Valentines Day. Not that he was sucking up trying to make a good impression or anything, but he arrived at my place on Valentines Day with his arms full of roses and chocolates for everyone. (Me, Mom, his daughter and my roomate !!!) It may be cliche, but it seemed a natural to incorporate these two flavors into my macarons this month.

French Macarons

I’m a new fan of macarons.  It all started a few months ago when I visited Paris for a few days.  Traveling on my own, I looked into cooking classes as a way to pass an evening.  The evening class didn’t work out, but a macaron class offered by Cookin’ with Class – an english speaking […]

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