Gazpacho served in a bowl from

As summer  heats up, I’m always looking for no-cook ideas.  Who wants to heat up a kitchen, when its already 90+ degrees outside!  Gazpacho is a fresh, healthy and delicious way to beat the heat.  I also love it because there are so many different, and fun, ways to serve it. So what is gazpacho ?  Traditionally, gazpacho is a […]

Happy July 4th!!

Patriotic Flowers on Cape Cod

Happy July 4th!!                   Today(actually all weekend) is a time to celebrate the freedoms that we all enjoy.  With all the unrest around the world this year, I am particularly grateful. The flowers in the photo above are from my trip to Cape Cod, last summer.  I […]

Creamy Coleslaw

Creamy Cole Slaw - made southern with Buttermilk and Dukes from

A couple of weeks ago I was invited to a BBQ and asked to bring coleslaw.  No problem I said… and then realized I did not have a go-to coleslaw recipe!  How was that possible?!  I mean , I cook all the time….. I guess I was never the one asked to bring the coleslaw.  […]

Outdoor Concert Dining

alfresco dining

It’s summer! I love going to outdoor concerts …..and when it’s a venue that allows you to bring in your own food – even better! Here are some ideas I’ve,over the years, to make your next outdoor concert dining experience stress free.

Picnic Chicken

Picnic Chicken

Picnic season is here!  Where do you like to picnic?  At the park, beach, tailgating at a ballgame or fireworks show?  At a rest stop on the way to your vacation destination?  Maybe on a blanket in the backyard?   Perhaps at an open air concert - my favorite!  This recipe is a great dish for taking ‘on […]

Blueberry Crumb Bars

Blueberry Crumb Bars from

I love blueberries – and now’s the time to stock up.  I buy them, put them on a sheet pan and freeze them individually, so they don’t end up in a big clump. I store them in the freezer and can easily get a handful for a recipe, or just to add to my oatmeal. Here’s a recipe […]

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