Ginger Steamed Fish

Giner Steamed Fish from

So how many of you have a bamboo steamer?  Maybe in that cabinet over the refrigerator where you keep seldom used kitchen apparatus?  That’s where mine was when I “fished” it out for today’s recipe. ( Ha – I crack myself up!)  I bought it to steam dumplings, but haven’t used it in some time.   Like many […]

Top Ten 2014 Posts

Top Posts 2014

Today,  I’m celebrating your favorite 2014 posts, here on a scrumptious life . Like last year, your top posts reflect quite an assortment. From appetizer to dessert – breakfast, lunch and dinner are all represented.  I was happy to see that a post from my Thanksgiving 101 series  and my Brazilian series (celebrating the World Cup) made the […]

Beef Tenderloin

Tenderloin Beef

Some people like Ham or Turkey at Christmas. Beef Tenderloin is my favorite choice for Christmas dinner. It must be my British background. I love this recipe because it’s tasty and so easy. Just rub the tenderloin with olive oil and the pepper based spice mixture and roast on a rack in the oven until it reaches 130 degrees F. You’ll get a perfect medium rare beef that’s almost fork tender!

Accidental Turkey

Thanksgiving Turkey from

Welcome to Thanksgiving 101! Today the turkey – I was a little nervous about cooking the Thanksgiving turkey (it had been decades!), so I went straight to Ina… her Accidental Turkey comes with a cute story and produces a wonderfully moist turkey.

Shrimp Creole

Shrimp Creole from

Shrimp Creole – one of those kinda sloppy, finger licking, casual, low country type dishes. Peel, dunk, eat, repeat…. and for goodness sake serve lots of french bread to sop up the sauce!

Salad with Blackberry Vinaigrette

Salad with Blackberry Vinaigrette from

A few weeks ago I shared about a friend’s gift of blackberries,  which I turned into Blackberry Fool.  Well, I also froze the remaining berries. which I’ve just defrosted.  What did I make ?   Blackberry Vinaigrette.  You know, during the summer I eat alot of salads and I’m always on the lookout for  some different […]

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