Happy July 4th!!

Patriotic Flowers on Cape Cod

Happy July 4th!!                   Today(actually all weekend) is a time to celebrate the freedoms that we all enjoy.  With all the unrest around the world this year, I am particularly grateful. The flowers in the photo above are from my trip to Cape Cod, last summer.  I […]

Easter Flowers in a Malted Egg Vase

Flowers with easter eggs

Ok, I confess — I totally stole this idea!   I’d seen it done with peppermints before and then, last year, I saw this from The Cavendar Diary.  btw – if you don’t have this site bookmarked you should. They have some great decorating/collecting ideas – even a few recipes. Beautiful flowers in a Valentines Candy vase.  How […]

December Party – a Cookie Swap

Lox on a bagel quiche

I had been meaning to have a cookie swap for years — YEARS!!!!  Somehow I could never fit it in to my schedule.  Last year, I was determined to start a new tradition and what fun it was!  I held my party on Saturday, December 17th – I wanted the cookies to be fresh for Christmas.   Twelve women […]

Food Gifts Ideas

biscotti gift wrapped

Nothing says love like a homemade food gift. Here’s some ideas from a scrumptious life.

Microwave Fudge

microwave fudge

Do you remember the Rice Krispie commercial, where the mom dusts herself with flour to make it look like she’s been ‘slaving’ in the kitchen making the rice krispy treats?  You’ll feel like you need to do that with this recipe for Microwave Fudge- possibly the easiest recipe I’ve posted yet! Just microwave the ingredients on medium power in the microwave […]

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