Top Ten 2014 Posts

Today,  I’m celebrating your favorite 2014 posts, here on a scrumptious life . Like last year, your top posts reflect quite an assortment. From appetizer to dessert – breakfast, lunch and dinner are all represented.  I was happy to see that a post from my Thanksgiving 101 series  and my Brazilian series (celebrating the World Cup) made the […]

Thanksgiving 101 – Logistics

So far in this Thanksgiving 101 series we’ve covered the turkey, gravy, dressing and mashed potatoes – all the basics.  Next time I’ll be posting other recipes to round out the menu.  Today , however, I wanted to talk logistics – LOGISTICS !?! , you say — ugh!!  But let me tell you, a little […]

Fall Flowers

It’s fall y’all!                     Yes,  it is October . I guess it’s finally time to get my “It’s Fall Y’all” sign out of the closet and (reluctantly) replace my summer centerpiece bowl full of shells.  Not to worry, I’ve had an idea of how to decorate this fall, for […]

Cheese Board 101

I love offering a Cheese Board when I entertain – and the best part is how easy it is. No cooking – just shopping!  I usually serve a cheese board as an appetizer, the American way.  In Europe, you’re more likely to be served a cheese board after dinner.  It provides a nice relaxing end to the meal, […]

Tailgating Recipes

Welcome back to my two-part series on Tailgating. The first post talked about logistics.  Today’s concentrates on the food. There are a few things that impact your tailgate menu: 1) Game time – is it time for breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner? 2) Distance traveling to the game – can dishes be made at home and carried to […]

Tailgating 101

College Football season starts this weekend – WOOHOO!   And it’s not just the teams and the marching band that are gearing up, formulating game plans…… so are the tailgaters! So, this week I’m posting  the first of a two-part series on southern tailgating.  Today’s post focusses on  the logistics.             I’ll be honest – I […]

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