December Party – a Cookie Swap

I had been meaning to have a cookie swap for years — YEARS!!!!  Somehow I could never fit it in to my schedule.  Last year, I was determined to start a new tradition and what fun it was!  I held my party on Saturday, December 17th – I wanted the cookies to be fresh for Christmas.   Twelve women […]

Mincemeat Muffins

I know it’s my British upbringing , but I love mincemeat.  What is mincemeat, you ask?It’s a rich  mixture of dried fruits and citrus peels mixed with treacle (molasses) and oil.  No actual meat in it at all –  although apparently it used to, hence the name.  It’s used heavily during the holidays in a variety […]

Chipotle and Rosemary Nuts

Now that Thanksgiving is over, it’s time for me to start making Christmas gifts for my friends. I love gifts food gifts for the holidays.  I find that people really appreciate getting something homemade.  One gift I love to give is nuts.  Last year I gave two types of nuts.  This year, I wanted to try […]

Dog Biscuits

It all started years ago, when it seemed that ALL our friends got dogs in the same year.  I had just purchased “Rose’s Christmas Cookies” by Rose Berenbaum and ran across her recipe for ‘Bones a la Fido”- ahhh, the perfect gift for our friends with dogs !!!  This began a tradition that I continue today. That original recipe called […]


Biscotti – easy to make cookies that are always appreciated. Cranberry and Pistachio biscotti are perfect for the holidays – their red and green colors look so festive ! Cocoa Hazelnut biscotti are perfect, well, anytime!

Sweet and Savory Nuts

Want a quick and tasty gift idea for the holidays – or for that matter – a quick and easy appetizer for yourself – Nuts!! Nuts are great to have at the ready for unexpected company.  But instead of putting out the can (gasp!!) of peanuts, why not try these two recipes for something special.  […]

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