Fried Green Tomatoes

A fried green tomato with goat cheese and remolade sauce from

I had wanted to make this recipe for Fried Green Tomatoes for years.  I finally succeeded a few weeks ago.  As expected, they were delicious.   So I wanted to share it with you, now  that tomatoes are ready at your market.               I first saw this recipe from Charleston […]

Outdoor Concert Menu 2

Bruschetta for Outdoor Concert Dining from

Last summer, I posted a two-part series with  tips and tricks of eating at Outdoor Concerts.  Apparently that’s been a dilemma for many of you, because they have become quite popular posts at a scrumptious life.  The first post  focussed on the logistics and ‘equipment’ of dining al fresco.  The second offered menu ideas.   So I […]

Cream Cheese and Fig spread

Cream cheese and fig spread

Last weekend, I received a last-minute invitation to an Easter Potluck.  I decided what I was going to make, put it in the oven and guess what — disaster!!!  Yes I have them too!  I either messed up the temp or the timing…… anyway,  I needed a Plan B, stat! Luckily I always keep cream cheese, […]

Grape Chutney

grape chutney

My mom has been telling me about this recipe for grape chutney for some time now.  Frankly, I wasn’t too sure about it. Well, not any more.  I finally tried it during a recent visit to see her.  Delicious and such a change of pace! I decided to share this chutney recipe now because I think […]

Southwestern Pimento Cheese Dip

Southwestern Pimento Cheese Dip - a zippy take on a southern classic - from a

Pimento Cheese – a quintessential southern dish.  Traditionally a mix of grated cheddar cheese, pimentos and mayonnaise (Duke’s, if you’re really southern), lately  some people are adding cream cheese to the mix.  So I decided to really play with a classic and add Monterey Jack, cream cheese  AND southwestern spices to create a kicky dip. and yes….it would still be […]

Chicken Enchilada Dip for the Super Bowl

Chicken Enchilada Dip from

I can’t tell you how long I’ve had this recipe in my files – let’s just say the paper was a light brown.  Newspapers, anyone else remember when these were a major source of recipe ideas?  Anyway, this recipe for Chicken Enchilada Dip comes from Marty’s restaurant in Dallas, by way of the Atlanta Journal Constitution.  I […]

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