Reflections on a New Year

I wrote this post a week ago and fretted over whether to post it – until I read a recent post on The Wednesday Chef. Thank you Luisa. Now is not the time to be silent.

You know, this blog is a hobby – I have to remember that, sometimes.  I put pressure on myself to make sure I’m posting often enough. etc.  Finding the perfect recipe and taking the perfect photograph.  Well, on 12/14 all that came into focus.  On December 14th,  20 precious children were killed (along with 7 adults) and all of a sudden, making the perfect cookie, gift, wrap etc meant nothing – nothing! The world did not need, yet another, cookie recipe.  I decided to take a break from the blog, until now.
I cut out paper snowflakes to send to Connecticut for decorating the new elementary school.  It wasn’t much, but I felt I was doing something. It was fun and made me feel like a kid.  Perhaps we don’t feel like that often enough.  It has been heartwarming to see the country banding together in support of Newtown.  People anonymously buying townspeople coffee, giving up their Christmas so Newtown police could have a day off with their families, showing up with pies and comfort dogs – anything to try to make it better. Some say we survived the ‘end of the world’ on December 21st.  For many , it came on  12/14 instead.
And now it’s  New Years. Often a time for resolutions, it seems to me that this is the year to actually keep them and to urge our government to pass some. We have a chance to turn over a new leaf, get our priorities straight, start a new age.
So here’s a toast to 2013 – may it be your best ever !  (Not just the best year, but the best YOU!)

  • A year full of love and laughter.
  • A year full of caring for others as well as ourselves.
  • A year of spending time, not money.
  • A year of slowing down, reflecting, praying, listening.
  • A year of paying attention, of being present.
  • A year of speaking out and being counted.
  • A year of fun, without guns.

There’s so much to do and where to start? It’s so easy to become paralyzed and do nothing.  I’ve always loved the quote “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”. (Lao Tzu)  I’ve learned a better translation from the original Chinese is “The journey of a thousand miles begins beneath one’s feet.” Rather than emphasizing the first step, Lao Tzu regarded action as something that arises naturally from stillness. Said another way, “Even the longest journey must begin where you stand.” *
Or as my friends and I say – start where you are.

We’ve had a chance to sit in the stillness since the 14th.  It’s time for action.

Happy New Year



  1. Wow, love your NY’s message Val! Wishing you love, peace and serenity in 2013….can’t wait to see you soon.

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