Spicy Pumpkin Bread - tastes like my coffeehouse favorite- from ascrumptiouslife.com

Spiced Pumpkin Bread

Well, I couldn't go through October without posting one pumpkin recipe - could I?.......  and you'll be soooo glad I did!! Today's recipe is a Spiced Pumpkin Bread that I got from my Mom.  She gets so many compliments on it, that she keeps asking me "Have I given you this recipe?  You really … [Read More...]


Back to reality….

I'm easing (very slowly) back to reality after my cruise last week.  So no new recipe today.  But I did want to share that, for the fourth year, I'm joining the Great Food Blogger Cookie Swap. If you're a food blogger, I hope you'll join me in a fun event for a good cause. For the rest of you - look … [Read More...]

Turk and Caicos

Caribbean Cruise

I'm vacationing this week.  I love to vacation in October - it's still warm ( at least where I want to go), there's no kids and the prices are so much more reasonable.  Last year I went on a Caribbean cruise and I realized I'd never shared any photos with you. So sit back, grab a Pina Colada … [Read More...]

Sea Breeze - the cocktail from ascrumptiouslife.com

Sea Breeze

Ahhhh, I love the feeling of sand in my toes !!                                 This week I'm vacationing in the sun and I'm sure I'll enjoy lots of sand in my toes … [Read More...]

Fall flowers in a candy corn vase from ascrumptiouslife.com.

Fall Flowers

It's fall y'all!                     Yes,  it is October . I guess it's finally time to get my "It's Fall Y'all" sign out of the closet and (reluctantly) replace my summer centerpiece bowl full of shells.  Not to … [Read More...]

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