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Thanksgiving 101 Recap

Thanks so much for reading my Thanksgiving 101 Series.  I hope you've found some good ideas for making the big day easier. So,  we've discussed the Turkey, the Gravy,  the Mashed Potatoes and the Dressing - so the basics are set.  We've also discussed some logistics for making the day/week go … [Read More...]

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Thanksgiving 101 – Logistics

So far in this Thanksgiving 101 series we've covered the turkey, gravy, dressing and mashed potatoes - all the basics.  Next time I'll be posting other recipes to round out the menu.  Today , however, I wanted to talk logistics - LOGISTICS !?! , you say -- ugh!!  But let me tell you, a little … [Read More...]

snowy mashed potatoes

Snowy Mashed Potatoes

Continuing with my Thanksgiving 101 series ... No Thanksgiving is complete without Mashed Potatoes. When I think comfort food, I think Mashed Potatoes - especially this time of year as it's getting cold. It's the perfect side to roasts and stews.  I often just quickly mash the potatoes and add … [Read More...]

Cornbread bacon and pecan dressing

Cornbread Dressing with Bacon and Pecans

Welcome back to my Thanksgiving 101 series.  So far, we've covered the turkey and the gravy.  Today we tackle the dressing. Dressing - meaning it's cooked separately from the turkey.  I prefer dressing to stuffing for a few reasons - a stuffed turkey takes longer to cook, a  personal preference for … [Read More...]

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Make Ahead Gravy

Welcome back to Thanksgiving 101.  Today we tackle the gravy. Besides the turkey, I think the fear of getting lumpy gravy is one of the biggest concerns at Thanksgiving. Plus, it's usually made after the turkey  is done, just as you're trying to get everything else heated up. Who needs that kind … [Read More...]

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