Outdoor Concert Menu 2

Last summer, I posted a two-part series with  tips and tricks of eating at Outdoor Concerts.  Apparently that’s been a dilemma for many of you, because they have become quite popular posts at a scrumptious lifeThe first post  focussed on the logistics and ‘equipment’ of dining al fresco.  The second offered menu ideas.   So I thought I’d offer up a few more ideas to freshen up your menus.

As I stated before, keeping it simple is the key… One appetizer, a one-dish main course and individual desserts work perfectly in the tight quarters and/or rough terrain, that is Outdoor Concert Dining.  Here are some new ideas!


Gazpacho served in a glass from ascrumptiouslife.com     Gazpacho

A cold tomato based soup that can be transported in a thermos or screw top container.  Serve it in cups – no utensils needed!




Chicken Enchilada Dip from ascrumptiouslife.com     Chicken Enchilada Dip

Great with veggie dippers or Blue Corn Tortilla Chips




Southwestern Pimento Cheese Dip - a zippy take on a southern classic - from a scrumptiouslife.com     Pimento Cheese Dip 

A zippy take on a southern classic.




Bruschetta 1     Bruschetta

Sliced bread with yummy toppings- I could make a meal out of these !  Maybe this should be a main course?!




Main Dishes:

Chopped Salad from ascrumptiouslife.com     Chopped Salad

Everything is cut up into bite sized pieces – perfect for a one fork meal.

Add some grilled or Jerk Chicken and a little pineapple for an Island twist!  For fun – serve them in chinese food containers.



Chicken Marbella from ascrumptiouslife.com     Chicken Marbella 

Chicken with olives, capers, wine ……. Delicious hot or cold, perfect with a little couscous on the side.




A great summer side - Rustic Panzanella (Bread Salad) from ascrumptiouslife.com     Panzanella

Bread Salad – add a little pepperoni or salami, to add a little protein in your salad.






Lime cupcakes with Lime Buttercream Frosting from a scrumptiouslife.com     Cupcakes

Who doesn’t like cupcakes? Here are two ideas – Lime and Buttermilk Chocolate with Nutella Frosting.




Sugar Cookies - great for Valentines or any time - from ascrumptiouslife.com     Sugar Cookies

Make them in a shape that’s appropriate for the musician – such as palm trees or flip flops for Jimmy Buffett or a guitar for James Taylor.


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