Holiday Brie

Looking for a festive and easy holiday appetizer? I’ve got just the thing.
Brie – not just a slab of cheese, but jusshed up a bit (how DO you spell jusshed??). I like to slice off the top of the rind and add seasonal toppings. For the holidays I like to use chopped dried cranberries and shelled pistachios. The red and green just scream holiday.

brie with toppings








Other topping ideas?

  • chopped pecans and dried apricots (great for Thanksgiving)
  • chopped mixed herbs
  • sliced almonds 
  • raspberry or fig preserve

Brie is wonderful served on its own (for a few) or as a part of a cheese platter (for a crowd).  It can be served warm or room temperature. Just remember that it melts quickly in the microwave, so watch it carefully. When I melt brie, I serve it in a small round or au gratin dish.   Add a napkin lined basket of crackers and a spreader and you’re all done.

btw – if you or a guest are lactose intolerant, try Goat Brie (available at Trader Joes).  

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