Happy Thanksgiving 2012

Before the food orgy begins, I like to reflect on all that I’m grateful for. And, especially in these hard times, I am grateful for so many things!  As a friend often says, I’m grateful that my head is covered, my belly is full and my bottom is dry.  There are so many who can’t say that this year.  My thoughts and prayers go to all thosewho are suffering through hard financial times or health issues and to others whose lives have been impacted by this year’s fires and storms – some who no longer have a home in which to celebrate the holidays.  Putting my ‘high class’ problems into perspective, helps me stay grateful.

Although my husband’s has been gone for many years, Thanksgiving morning is always a little sad for me. So I always try to keep Thanksgiving morning a quiet, stressfree time.  I honor the sadness, give Maggie an extra cuddle and then turn on the parade or some music and get into the kitchen to prepare the appetizers for our family feast. Except for one year, I’ve brought the appetizers for over 20 years.  Last year I brought olive bites, brie with apricot cranberry chutney and spiced nuts. Later, I’ll join an eclectic mix of family and friends – some of whom have been sharing Thanksgiving for 40 + years.  We’ll share memories, learn about the goings on from the college kids, flip between football and the dog show, eat way too much (again) and be grateful for another chance to all be together.

I hope you’ll  take a few minutes, today, to think about what you’re grateful for.  I find it helps give today, and the crazy few weeks to come, real meaning.

Happy Thanksgiving Y’all.

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