Food Gifts Ideas

I love giving food gifts over the holidays.  It’s been my tradition for years. There’s something about getting something homemade that people just love.  Over the years I’ve given an Italian  Dinner in a box, fruitcakes, cookies, sarah bearnhardts ….. and often all in the same year. Whew, I’m exhausted just thinking about it!

Nowadays, I try to keep things simple. So, I tend to stick to a few items – last year I made biscotti, nuts and dog biscuits – done. I look at my schedule to see when I am going to see my friends/co-workers and plan a few sessions to make the goodies.  That way my goodies are fresh, I’m not wiped out and I have room in the refrigerator for regular food.(If you have a big freezer or an extra fridge in the garage…, nevermind.)

I think it’s better to make a limited number of gifts for several reasons:

  • Save time and lower stress by making the same (proven) recipe over and over, you’ll have it down pat. (This is not the time to experiment.)
  • Save money by buying bulk amounts of a few ingredients  instead of  buying small amounts of lots of ingredients, for lots of recipes.
  • Give more gifts. You can stretch out your gifts if you have a few big batches to split out.
  • .. AND become known for whatever it is you’re making.  My friends and co-workers get excited when they see my little brown bags at the holidays – is it your biscotti they ask?  They know….

So here are some ideas:

and of course cookies.



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