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Black Bean and Mushroom Chili

I thought it would be good to have a vegetarian chili in my repertoire. So recently, I tried this Black Bean and Mushroom recipe. It’s so thick and tasty you don’t miss the meat at all – and how nice to have an option for your vegetarian friends.

Hearty Italian Soup

I could live off soup in the winter.  It’s so comforting especially on a rainy day, which we’ve had alot of lately. (Luckily, we are not anniversarying the nasty snow/ice storm Atlanta suffered through last January.) It can be made in big batches, stored in individual portions and ready for dinner in minutes!  AND it’s easy to make. […]

Food Photography workshop and getaway

Belated Happy New Year everyone. So what was your New Year’s resolution?  I haven’t had a ‘resolution’ per se in years – mostly because I NEVER kept it.  In fact, declaring something a resolution almost guarenteed I wouldn’t ‘achieve’ it. So nowdays, I tend to look at what I want to focus and improve on in the […]

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