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July Dinner Party

This month’s dinner party was a goodbye party for a friend who’s moving away.We’d had a string of over 9o degree days for I don’t know how long. S, I opted for a cold dinner. The only dish to be cooked was my Picnic Chicken.

Lemon Bisque

With the name Lemon Bisque, you are probably thinking Lemon Soup?? I’m not sure how it got it’s name, but this is a light lucious dessert like a lemon mousse. I usually make this as a pie – with graham cracker crumbs as a ‘crust’, but recently, I served it in individual glasses (sans the ‘crust’), with ginger cookies […]

Sesame Vinaigrette

I love this Sesame Vinaigrette from the Stop and Smell the Rosemary Cookbook. The oriental flavoring are wonderful – just a little different. I make a salad from napa cabbage, carrots, red peppers, scallions, sliced almonds and mandarin oranges. Add some grilled chicken or salmon and you have a delicious entree salad.

‘Surprise’ Salad Dressing

This is my favorite salad dressing.  I got the recipe from my Mom, who got it from a friend…….. so we’ve been calling it “Michele’s Dressing” after her friend.  I’m calling it ‘Surprise’ Dressing because no one can ever figure out the ingredients and are surprised when I tell them. I like to serve it with mixed […]

Picnic Chicken

Picnic season is here!  Where do you like to picnic?  At the park, beach, tailgating at a ballgame or fireworks show?  At a rest stop on the way to your vacation destination?  Maybe on a blanket in the backyard?   Perhaps at an open air concert – my favorite!  This recipe is a great dish for taking ‘on […]

June Dinner Party

My June dinner party was a casual Sunday Supper with a mixed bag menu. Salsa to start, Oriental inspired main and side dishes, and an ‘all-american’ dessert.

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