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Super Bowl appetizers

Here are my two favorite appetizers, just in time for the Super Bowl – Mexican Dip and Artichoke dip. Both classics and always a hit.

Dinner Party – January 2011

It’s so much more fun to watch major sporting events with friends. This year the Atlanta Falcons made the playoffs !(This doesn’ happen very often!) So, on Thursday, I decided to invite some friends over for dinner and the game. Unfortunately, the Falcons didn’t fare too well… but I scored alot of points with the dinner!

French Lentil Vegetable Soup

Atlanta’s been hit with some bad weather, lately. We usually don’t get snow until February or March- if at all. In the last three weeks we’ve had a ‘white’ Christmas and now a winter storm dumping 5 inches of snow topped with sleet and freezing rain. With impassible roads, I wasn’t going anywhere. It’s perfect soup weather. And this weekend I’ve made enough soup to last until spring ! First, Souper Jenny’s Turkey Chili and then another favorite, from the Barefoot Contessa – French Lentil Vegetable Soup. I made this for the first time last year. A friend wanted to try a few recipes and I agreed to be her prep chef. There’s alot of chopping here, but the result is well worth it. It’s a hearty, healthy, flavorful soup. This recipe makes about 19 cups of soup, so you’ll have lots of quick meals ahead.

Pacci – Atlanta Food Bloggers

What a fun afternoon!
This month the Atlanta Food Bloggers’ Alliance was invited to Pacci restaurant in Atlanta for a food tasting, up in their fabulous Alto Rex Rooftop Lounge. This was my first visit to the restaurant. It will not be my last!

Curried Squash Soup

Happy New Year !!! I chose this Curried Squash Soup as my first recipe of 2011 for two reasons:  1) It’s a wonderful thick , flavorful soup – perfect for cold January days and 2) since it’s thickened by pureeing the squash, rather than by adding cream, it’s very low in calories, and who isn’t watching […]

Dinner Party – December 2010

December is such a crazy month – so many parties, open houses, cookie swaps, neighborhood gatherings, recitals, not to mention shopping……Oh, for a nice calm night at home! So this month’s dinner party was a small affair – just me and a few of my dearest friends.

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