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The Story of the Dinner Parties

      Once upon a time there were two dinner parties ……… No seriously……Since I will be featuring my monthly dinner parties, I thought  I’d tell you the story of how they came about. In another life, I was married and entertained a lot.  My husband and I belonged to a dinner club, which […]

French Macarons

I’m a new fan of macarons.  It all started a few months ago when I visited Paris for a few days.  Traveling on my own, I looked into cooking classes as a way to pass an evening.  The evening class didn’t work out, but a macaron class offered by Cookin’ with Class – an english speaking […]

First Chili of the Fall

My first day back from a Florida vacation.  I woke up and was at the dog park, dressed in a sweatshirt at 8 am — and it was 56 degrees.  Ahhh Fall !!  Time to make the first chili of the season. Now, nevermind that the temperature eventually got up to the mid eighties by the time I’d gone grocery shopping………. I […]

Amazing Coconut Pie

Greetings from the beach  ! Instead of my annual ‘self retreat’ at the beach, this year I am spending a delightful week with old and new friends at their fabulous family beach house. Each of us was asked to prepare dinner one night.  Keeping with the ‘island’ theme… I chose to make a cuban inspired meal – […]

Cranberry Scones

A good friend brought me a jar of  homemade peach preserves, made from white Georgia peaches, the other day.  Yum !! I thought it would taste great on scones.  Trouble is — I’ve never made scones.  This  is really quite disgraceful considering I was born in England and grew up with scones.  Mid-morning, tea time, after dinner […]

Last vestige of Summer.

Even though it’s fall, it’s still 95 degrees here in Atlanta! There’s still lots of time to sip my favorite summer beverage – Green Ginger Iced Tea.

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